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Where to Find a Writing Community

Where to Find a Writing Community

While there are a lot of great resources and communities for writers online, there is a magical something that comes from getting together with other writers in person. The most creative periods of my life have all been when I was regularly participating in events with other writers. For me, that meant a lot of open mics because I love performing and hearing poetry out loud, but I’ve also participated in workshops and taken courses. Everyone’s ideal writing community looks a little different.  For some folks, a writing community might mean a space to get feedback on their work. For […]

Fear, Desire, Conflict: How Characters Create Story

Have you ever read something and left like a character was just being pulled along by the plot? Maybe you couldn’t understand why they made the choices they made, or maybe you felt like the character wasn’t really making any choices at all. It may be that the character lacked agency because their fears and desires weren’t fully fleshed out. When a character lacks clearly defined desires and fears, it can lead to a lack of true conflict. Sure, the plot might have plenty of ups and downs, but if a character does not actually want something (or doesn’t have […]

Recommended Writing Resources

Recommended Reading: 6 Blogs for Creative Writers

My Favorite Places for Writing Resources Whether you’re looking for writing prompts or tips to help improve your writing, there are a ton of resources on the internet. But how do you find the right blogs to follow? To help make your search for good writing resources easier, I’ve rounded up 5 blogs that I really admire and recommend to anyone looking for more online writing tools. While they’re all writing related, these blogs all have a different lens through which they look at writing. I encourage you to check out all of them. If there’s a writing website that you absolutely […]

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