Hi, I’m Chelsee Bergen! I’m a writer and a student of creativity.

I want to talk about creativity with you and help yChelsee Bergen, founder of Chelsee Mediaou do awesome projects!

I believe you have to build your own writing curriculum. Writing isn’t about what works for everyone else, it’s about what works for you. With time and experimentation you find your own method. How? You try as many things as you can. You read books, you take classes, you read other people’s works in progress, you try as many mediums as you can.

Piece by piece, you build the writing life that works for you. You never know where the next breakthrough is going to come from, but I want to help you find it.

Creativity fascinates me and I love learning about and experimenting with different creative styles and processes. Over the years I have studied almost every storytelling medium. What I discovered is that I love them all. Today, I use my knowledge and experience from those different styles to inform all my writing. Projects are kind of my thing, and I love working on them with other people.

I’ve worked on everything from memoirs to socio-poltically minded e-zines to scholarly articles (with some fantasy fiction and screenplays in between). Like a lot of folks, I’ve been writing in one form or another for as long as I can remember (I still have a copy of the notebook I wrote my first ever story in, in purple crayon).

I have a degree in Critical Studies from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, where I studied screenwriting, television criticism, and cinematic and television theory. My senior thesis was called “Not Your Mother’s Hero: Gender Performance and Hero-Mother’s in Fringe and Orphan Black” and it was geeky and amazing. I also studied creative writing at Hampshire College.

When I’m not writing or talking about writing, you can find me watching obsessing about TV, cooking, listening to podcasts, or complaining about not having a dog.

You can find me on Twitter @chelseebergen

A few places to find my writing

These Are Not Love Poems – Poetry Collection – Homeward Press

The Funeral Procession – Poem – The Altar Collective, Volume IV

“I didn’t think you could be any more butch”: Gender Performance, Expressions of Masculinity, and Rape in Veronica Mars – Research – Sprinkle: An Undergraduate Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies

Passionate Friendships and the Problem of Falling In Love With Your Best Friend – Personal Essay – Everything is Problematic