Fear, Desire, Conflict: How Characters Create Story

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Have you ever read something and left like a character was just being pulled along by the plot? Maybe you couldn’t understand why they made the choices they made, or maybe you felt like the character wasn’t really making any choices at all. It may be that the character lacked agency because their fears and desires weren’t fully fleshed out. When a character lacks clearly defined desires and fears, it can lead to a lack of true conflict. Sure, the plot might have plenty of ups and downs, but if a character does not actually want something (or doesn’t have […]

Thinking Like an Actor Helps You Create Better Characters

Thinking Like An Actor Will Help You Write Better Characters

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Want to write better characters? When it comes to creating characters, one area that I think every writer can benefits from are the tools of theater. Playwriting and acting have a lot to teach about characters and character development. I’ll have a more indepth guide to playwriting for you in the future, but today I want to dig into how an actor’s mindset can help you write better characters. While there are quite a few different methods of acting, there is generally an emphasis on knowing a character deeply and intimately to effectively embody them. There are a variety of exercises […]