Where to Find a Writing Community

Where to Find a Writing Community

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While there are a lot of great resources and communities for writers online, there is a magical something that comes from getting together with other writers in person. The most creative periods of my life have all been when I was regularly participating in events with other writers. For me, that meant a lot of open mics because I love performing and hearing poetry out loud, but I’ve also participated in workshops and taken courses. Everyone’s ideal writing community looks a little different.  For some folks, a writing community might mean a space to get feedback on their work. For […]

Recommended Writing Resources

Recommended Reading: 6 Blogs for Creative Writers

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My Favorite Places for Writing Resources Whether you’re looking for writing prompts or tips to help improve your writing, there are a ton of resources on the internet. But how do you find the right blogs to follow? To help make your search for good writing resources easier, I’ve rounded up 5 blogs that I really admire and recommend to anyone looking for more online writing tools. While they’re all writing related, these blogs all have a different lens through which they look at writing. I encourage you to check out all of them. If there’s a writing website that you absolutely […]