Compelling Characters

Create Compelling Characters

If you want to write but you’re struggling to actually do it, or finding yourself losing steam a quarter of the way in, it may be time for your to start focusing on your characters.

You might think that you need to muscle up your will power to force yourself into writing, but building compelling characters can actually help motivate you to write and generate plot and momentum for you.

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Why Start With Characters?

Characters are your most important asset in any story, and compelling characters will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. They take on a mind of their own. A compelling character will lead you from A to Z and back again, and when you get a few of them in a room together they start marking magic.

The other reason to start with characters? They are a universal feature of storytelling. They span novels, screenplays, short stories, stage plays, teleplays, comics, and video games. No matter your medium or genre, you need good characters. Creating good characters is also a transferrable skill; the bones of character creation are the same across mediums.


5 Days to Compelling Characters

To help you create compelling characters that inspire you and make your work shine, I’ve put together a free and highly actionable five day email course. Each day you’ll receive some guidance and a challenge to help you develop your characters. By the end of the course, you’ll create two well rounded characters to get your story moving and have the tools you need to create many more.


What You Can Expect

Over 5 days, you’ll receive my best prompts and challenges to create compelling characters.  With a few simple exercises you’ll get to know your characters inside and out and put them to the test.

For this course you’ll be working on creating two characters. Each day’s challenge will focus on those same two characters and helping you get to know them inside and out. You can use characters from something you’re already working on, and idea you’ve been wanting to explore, or start from complete scratch!


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