Method, Momentum, Complete: A 5-Week Writing Workshop

Method, Momentum, Complete: A 5-Week Writing Workshop

Do you feel creatively satisfied?

We all want to have a satisfying creative practice, to work on something consistently and actually finish the things we start. But it can feel really scary and overwhelming trying to get there.

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • Your writing happens sporadically and you sometimes go weeks or months without writing anything
  • You get really jazzed about an idea, throw yourself into it completely, only to lose steam part way in
  • Sometimes you spend so much time thinking about your ideas that you never actually get to the writing part

When I get in a funk like that, it feels like I’m going to be there forever.  It’s hard to get into the flow of writing when you haven’t been consistently in it for a while. You need to get back into the rhythm, and having structure can all you to do that. When you want to get back into writing, you need a method.

Method, Momentum, Complete is a step-by-step course that helps you develop a method to write consistently, takes you from prewriting through to re-writing, and gives you a process you can use again and again. 

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Do you feel creatively satisfied?

If you’re struggling to create on a consistent basis, you need a method to help you get from point A to B and momentum to start something and see it through. Method, Momentum, Complete could be your breakthrough.

I created Method, Momentum, Complete because staying on track is hard, even when we give it our best effort. Method, Momentum, Complete exists to help you take a writing project from start to finish in five weeks. This workshop is designed to give you the tools, structure, encouragement and accountability to work on something consistently and complete a project

In addition to prompts and challenges to give you something to actually work on, you’ll also get guidance to keep you on track so you work efficiently. Perhaps best of all, each week you’ll get constructive feedback on your work.

Method, Momentum, Complete is designed from years of learning, fumbling, experimenting and listening to the struggles of other writers. To give everyone an intimate and personal experience, this writing workshop is capped at 10 people.

Don’t let your “real life” kill your creative life; invest in your writing and yourself. This is the resource I wish I had during my creation dry spells. The times when I had plenty of ideas, but couldn’t quite connect my brain to the action. Life is busy and writing shit is hard to prioritize when there are a million forms of instant gratification around. Structure has been one of the biggest gifts in my creative life, and I want to help you give that gift to yourself.


 Join the Method, Momentum, Complete Writing workshop

When You Sign Up For Method, Momentum, Complete You Get

  • 5 weeks of guided, step-by-step lessons which provide you with tools and prompts to move forward in your project
  • Weekly feedback on your writing to help you play to your strengths
  • A method that you can use for any creative writing project, again and again
  • Writing strategies taught in University level writing courses


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for? Do I need to be a certain kind of writer or in a certain genre?

This course is designed to work for every genre, and while it’s geared toward prose the skills you’ll learn are totally applicable to playwriting and screenwriting as well. This course does assume that you have some amount of prior experience with creative writing, so if you’re looking for an Introduction to Writing course this may not be a good fit for you.

I’ve never spent money on my writing before. Why should I pay for this workshop?

While I think the method and guidance you’ll get from this course will provide you with a ton of value, if we set that aside a really great reason to make this investment is that people are more likely to do things when they’re paying for them. Having skin in the game helps us prioritize. And your creative fulfillment is worth investing in; it makes your life better!

What do you mean by ‘project’?

Everyone has different writing goals, from creating a short story or a novella to writing a full length novel or a more experimental piece of work. Your project can be whatever you want it to be, depending on your interests and the amount of time you’re willing to commit. I’ll give you instructions on how to make the course work best for whatever kind of project you want to accomplish.

What is the time commitment?

The course is designed to be completed over 5 weeks. How much time you’ll need over the course of each week will depend on your goals, but most people will fall between 3-8 hours a week. That said, this course is highly adaptable to your goals and schedule and you could choose to complete it over a longer time period than 5 weeks.

What’s the refund policy? What if it isn’t a good fit?

Turns out it’s not a good fit for you? Get a full refund within 14 days of the workshop start.


About Me

Hi, I’m Chelsee Bergen. I have a degree in Critical Studies from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, where I studied screenwriting, television criticism, and film & television theory. I also studied creative writing at Hampshire College.

I’ve worked on everything from a memoir to socio-politically minded e-zines to scholarly articles (with some fantasy fiction and screenplays in between). Like a lot of folks, I’ve been writing in one form or another for as long as I can remember.